Another Five-Star Review for Ebook Nashoga (Redstone Series #1)

Nashoga received this five-star review today:

 never stop reading

This is a book that you wont be able to put down. It has excitement, love, and mystery. I love this book!!!!!!!!


And as much as I really love getting great reviews, there’s a few things I don’t like at the site. First is that people can leave anonymous reviews, and that bothers me because as much as I like getting a positive review,

a) I don’t know who liked the book so much so I can’t thank them, etc.

b) anonymous reviews, in my opinion, look sketchy. I say this because I know how other people think. They’ll look at that and say, oh it’s the author or someone he/she knows.

This isn’t the first time I’ve received an anonymous review, nor, I’m sure, will it be the last. I’ve even received a five-star “hi”, which, although I appreciate the good rating, a “hi” doesn’t tell me what you liked about the book. It’s not helpful for other readers either. I guess I’m just used to how comprehensive I am with my own reviews that I expect that from other readers. Don’t get me wrong. Anonymous poster from today, I’m really glad you enjoyed the book, I truly am. I just wish I knew who you were.

Which brings me to my next gripe with I can’t comment (or I’m too stupid to figure out how to) on people’s reviews like I can at Amazon. I make a point on Amazon to thank everyone who reviews my books. Whether I agree with their opinion or not, it’s important to me to thank them for reading, and more importantly, for giving me honest feedback.

Well, if you’d like to pick up your own copy (oh yes, time for the plug) of Nashoga (Redstone Series #1) it’s available on here and Smashwords here for FREE at this time. Amazon spiders have yet to pick up on that and adjust accordingly, so if you feel like donating to my pocket change, it’s $.99 over there.

Give it a whirl. For free, what do you have to lose? And if you leave a review, please, please, PLEASE leave your name. I appreciate it.

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