Irritating Tablet

Call me irritated. I usually love my Pandigital Novel Tablet. Today, not so much. My subscription to Shonen Jump is transferring over to Shonen Jump Alpha, a weekly online edition. Great, right? Especially after just having renewed for TWO YEARS! Well, maybe this could be cool. You know, seeing the manga two weeks after it’s released in Japan could be really neat. I also get three manga books out of the deal.

So I picked up my tablet, went to and tried to log in. To no success. The tablet will not let the little pop up for login, well, pop up. I even unchecked block pop ups. It won’t work. Then I decide, well, I can at least for the time being try some of the free manga. Well, guess what? Can’t do that either. Why? Well to view the manga, you need to run Adobe flash, which my tablet will not allow me to do. So I’m beat. I have to read it on the computer, which is a little annoying.

Time to get an Ipad.

(I just noticed all the well’s in that little article. Wow.)

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