Shonen Jump going digital is a huge disappointment!

Yeah, you heard that right. The other day I blogged about how frustrated I am just trying to access my Shonen Jump on anything other than a big, clunky, computer. Well, I can’t access it from my tablet, nor can I access it from my Android smartphone. I really don’t have the money to purchase an Ipad right now, so that’s out of the question. The only answer is to read it all on this big, clunky, computer. Which, I’m not inclined to do.

How many other Shonen Jump subscribers must be feeling the same pain as I am? Probably a lot. How many people who might not be subscribers, yet pick up the mag in the book store may not get the memo about SJ Alpha? Again, probably a lot. And I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of those who don’t own Ipads just yet either.

In my opinion, Vizmedia is missing the mark on this one. It’s a huge disappointment. Even if I wanted to use the webbrowsing section, instead of the App section to read, I still can’t sign into my Viz account on my tablet for whatever stupid reason!

So what’s even more disappointing than not being able to read any of this on anything other than the clunky computer? Trying to even contact them. Consider the following email I sent to Viz at the email address that contacted me regarding my subscription:

Dear Viz,

 I find it extremely disappointing that after having renewed my Shonen Jump subscription for two years late last year, the announcement was made for the Alpha. As much as I enjoy technology and think this is a great leap forward for SJ, I am very disappointed that I cannot access anything from Viz except on my clunky computer, instead of my Android tablet. I can’t even sign into Viz on my tablet to access my manga! SJ is missing the mark by not providing an App for non-apple users. I implore you to develop an Android-friendly app for SJ so that you can continue to have as many subscribers, if not more.
Guess what? Return to sender. I got a mailer-daemon. Boy I hate those little buggers!
So on the Viz site, the ONLY and I mean ONLY way to contact them is through snail-mail. No email, no phone number. For someone who’s trying to leap and bound into the digital age by making your most popular magazine a digital one, you’ve really goofed up here. So many people won’t bother mailing you anything to complain. I know I won’t. They’ll all just cancel their subscriptions. As for me, I’ll give it a few more months and cross my fingers that you’ll be smart enough to release a cross-platform app. Otherwise, I’ll be cancelling my subscription as well.

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  1. I wish I was cyber-savvy enough to follow all of this…

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