The Amazon Free Ebook Experiment

Amazon’s spiders finally figured out that Nashoga (Redstone Series #1) was free on other websites, sometime yesterday afternoon. In the past twenty four hours, it has jumped in ranking from #138,000 (and change) to #615. It is currently ranked #2 in kindle store>kindle ebooks>children’s ebooks>animals>foxes & wolves and #11 in kindle store>kindle ebooks>fiction>children’s fiction>animals.

This little experiment is only just beginning, but I wonder a few things. Like:

How did people find it so fast?

Will they really read it?

Did they get it just to get it because it’s free and not have a second look at it for a long time, or will they be intrigued enough to read it right away? Or, did they download it BOTH because it’s free AND they’re intrigued by it?

Will they purchase the second in the series, wanting more?

Will I get more reviews out of it?

Is it possible that Nashoga will hit the top 100 or even top 10 in free ebooks?

How will this effect the purchasing of other books of mine?

The book has been on for free for perhaps a week now, and it had slid up the ranks to today’s rank at 7,839. I wonder if it’s not doing as well over there and why? Do more people purchase books from Amazon? Is their ranking system different? It’s been free over at Smashwords for the same exact time, and yet, NO books have been downloaded over there. What’s up with that? Is Smashwords that much less popular of an ebook site?

I suppose that only time will tell (ah that’s so cliche!) in this case. But I’m going to keep the experiment going a little longer. If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon and get your free copy of Nashoga (Redstone Series #1), here’s the summary and links:

Winner of ePublishing Consortium Writers Award of Merit
                                        Flamingnet’s Top Choice Award!

Nashoga, the alpha of the Redstone Pack, has been run off. While in exile, Nashoga meets Buck, an elk with an attitude, and the two are thrust into a dire situation. Will the two be at each others’ throats or will they learn to work together to defeat this new threat? Will Nashoga reunite with his pack and his love? Only time will tell in this story of power struggles, love and friendship.




The highest it made it in rank today was #565. Perhaps that is as high as it will go. Who knows? I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I just picked up Nashoga through my Sony Reader Store (Smashwords, I think) I can’t wait to read it. My daughter loves all things wolf so I will pass it on to her. If she likes the story, we will definitely get the series for her to read to her son. I will let you know what we think.

    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your honest feedback.

  2. Good luck!

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