Why Frigidaire Should Stick To Cooling Meat…

…or, why I really should have bought a better set of equipment than the POS stacker washer and dryer that I have now.

Let me explain. We live in a tiny, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse. There’s no room for ANYTHING. There’s no storage room, there’s limited counter space in the kitchen, there’s little storage in the bathrooms. When we first moved in here five years ago, the previous owner had a full size washer and dryer next to each other…

…in the kitchen!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not stare at my laundry twirling while I’m eating. I’m even less inclined to hear it all the time. So, we set out to find a pair of stackers that would fit our kitchen, and then we had a carpenter come in and actually create a small laundry room with a sliding door. The only stackers we could find that fit our budget and the space we were working with was a pair of Frigidaires. Perhaps consulting a consumer guide would have been helpful those five years ago. Maybe we wouldn’t go through the constant aggravation of having these POS contraptions in our home.

In the past five years of ownership, the Frigidaire dryer has:

  • had the drum completely fused to the device, through some kind of plastic ring melting
  • been replaced
  • had the felt between said drum and device worn down so much that it created a gap in which all of my clothing gets stuck and consequently, torn itty bitty holes in (looks like a rat chewed on it) and in turn ruined A LOT of my clothes
  • been replaced again
  • had the felt between said drum and device worn down AGAIN only this time we’ve given up, and anything really important or delicate gets hung to dry on a wooden collapsible clothing rack

In the past five years of ownership, the Frigidaire washer has:

  • had one of its “wings” inside broken completely off (don’t ask me how)
  • had the “wing” replaced
  • had another one of its “wings” broken off- and now we’ve given up on that so there’s only two inside and a gaping hole where the third should be
  • it is now in the process of sending out Morse code signals to who knows what, by beeping, turning the lights on and off in no set pattern at all times

The latter of the problems with the washer is actually kind of amusing at times. I imagine it’s sending signals into space to its Transformer cousins…

“Save me! They keep shoving dirty skivvies down my throat!”

Other times, like when you’re trying to watch television in the living room and you can hear this constant, yet low enough not to completely drive you nuts beeping, it’s pretty annoying. But I digress…

Remember that wooden, collapsible clothing rack I mentioned before? Completely unrelated to the two Frigidaire POS’s but…we’ve gone through three of those in the past five years too. Two wooden, and one aluminum. This current one is falling apart as we speak. I think we just have no luck at all when it comes to washing and drying our laundry. Someone else want to give it a whirl?



  1. My sympathy on the despicable stacking washer/dryer. It sure is a commentary on today’s appliances. They certainly don’t make them like they used to. My sister-in-law and I were just discussing that today with regards to her microwave, which she has to replace, again. At my parent’s house sits an upright freezer that was purchased shortly after I was born. It still works. It may not be as energy-efficient as some of the newer models – but it still WORKS more than FIVE DECADES since it was first bought! It sure would be nice if companies would stand behind their products and build them to last. Mind you, they may not get much in the way of repeat business, but I think word-of-mouth would provide them lots of NEW customers!

    • I have to agree with you on that. Our society has become such a “throw away” society. Just think about it: A new phone or laptop every two years or so, because they’re only designed to last that long. Our landfills full of old electronics. I know a lot of communities now “recycle” old electronics, but there’s only so much recycling you can do. Can’t wait until our planet looks like the Earth in Wall-E.

    • As a little aside here…my less than 2 year old laptop is ready for abandonment. The left mouse button is now officially broken as of last night and because of that, I can’t click & drag. Yay. Time for a new one.

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