Amazon Free Ebook Experiment End of Week 2

Well, came to the end of week 2 and the downloads are slipping, the rank is slipping and I think that everyone’s Nashoga’d out. Nashoga (Redstone Series #1) has slipped to the mid 2k ranks. Over the past two weeks, about 2,000 copies have been downloaded. An additional three reviews have been given on, none on Amazon, and all of them *grits teeth* are anonymous. I can’t even get onto Smashwords to check anything over there. The free offer has minimally impacted sales on the other books, nothing huge.

I think this free offer has run its course and it’s time to pack it in. So, get ’em while they’re still free on Amazon. As soon as the spiders figure out it’s not free anymore, it’ll be back to $2.99.

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