Typos are everywhere

While sitting here with a box of frozen peas resting on my shin–nursing a gift from an errant baseball during a little game of ball outside today–I thought I’d pen my next entry. I finished up Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero last night and would like to pick up that old stick, the typo debate. Typos are EVERYWHERE and if you don’t think that there’s typos in professional books, you haven’t been reading much. 

I constantly see comments on Indie authors’ books that say typo this, typo that, mistakes, blah, blah, blah. But the truth of the matter is, even the biggest, best authors still make mistakes. And even the best paid editors fail to see them. I can’t tell you how many typos I found in this last book of his, and it’s not just this one. Throughout the two Kane books of his, I also found typos. Not in the misspelling type of way, but in the missing a word or neglecting to edit out an extra word type of way. Perhaps Mr. Riordan should think of hiring a new editor. 

I’ve seen mistakes on the ABC 6 o’clock news–a they’re/there/their typo (yup, written on the screen, someone’s copy editor needs firing); I’ve seen mistakes in this year’s February issue of American Educator, and I’ve even seen typos in the great Stephen King’s books. Typos are everywhere. Get used to them. Is it an excuse for poor editing? No. But don’t expect everything to be perfect. There IS NO perfection.

The point I’m trying to make here is that perhaps readers should get off their *ahem* high horses and realize that authors (and editors) are just like everyone else. They’re human. They make mistakes. Typos are everywhere!


  1. Scott

    I always wondered if some were intentional, to make the younger audience think about being a little dislexic ie. a demigod…. Having said that it is probably a little naive.

    • His are a little too common to be on purpose. He needs to hire a new editor! 🙂

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