My Favorite Paranormal Bad Boy

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For today’s paranormal blog hop post, I wanted to write about my favorite paranormal bad boy. I think I tend to favor the bad boys, as they usually turn out to not be all that bad. Usually there is some redeeming quality in them. My favorite paranormal bad boy comes from not a novel, but a manga, and an anime that followed. My favorite paranormal bad boy is Sesshomaru, from the manga Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi. 

Let me fill you in on a little background. Inuyasha is the story of a hanyou, or half-demon. In a world where humans and demons exist (and don’t always get along peacefully) a half-demon is something of an anomaly. Inuyasha’s mother was a noble woman; his father, a dog-demon lord, hence the name “Inu” yasha (Inu means dog). His brother, on the other hand, is a full-blooded dog demon named Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru hates his little brother, and the feeling is relatively mutual. You’d be hard pressed to even call them brothers. They consistently fight, and early in the series, the two battle over a magical sword that their deceased father has left to one of them. He has left it to Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru, being the older and full-blooded brother, feels slighted. During the battle, Inuyasha coaxes the sword, Tetsusaiga, to unleash more of its power and cuts off the left arm of his brother. Who would forgive him for that? Certainly not Sesshomaru.

During the rest of the series, Sesshomaru attempts to find a new arm, inherits another sword from his father that he thinks is useless (Tensusaiga), and even has a swordsmith craft a new, more powerful sword. This, of course, is all subplot to Inuyasha’s main plot, as the story is truly about the hanyou and not the brother. But for the sake of this blog post, it’s all about Sesshomaru.

Why does Sesshomaru hate his younger brother? For a few reasons: Sesshomaru views humans as weak, and consequently worthless, and therefore his brother, being half-human, is also weak and worthless. Later in the series, Sesshomaru pivots on this point. Although he still views humans as being weak, he might not see them as worthless, as he rescues a human girl from certain death (by using his thought-to-be-useless sword Tensusaiga to bring her back from the dead) and then takes her under his protection. This is a pivotal point in the psyche of Sesshomaru. Up until this point, we see Sesshomaru as a cold, cruel demon, who cares not for his brother or anyone else, just himself and his need to gain power, and be recognized as an important demon; to step out of his father’s shadow. Now Sesshomaru shows that he does have a redeeming quality.

When Sesshomaru was much younger and his father was still alive, Sesshomaru asked him for the Tetsusaiga. His father asked him who he had to protect. Sesshomaru’s answer was no one, because he was still in the mindset that he needed no one, only the power to become a strong demon. This is why he left the sword to Inuyasha, even though he knew him only as an infant. Surely a half-demon would need protection, and perhaps he would need to protect others. Later in the series, after he has rescued Rin (the human girl) from certain death, he realizes that he, too, has someone to protect, although he denies it outwardly. He has Rin to protect, and Jakken, his servant, although he would never admit it out loud.

Sesshomaru also hates Inuyasha because he feels slighted because of the swords they were left. Tetsusaiga (the sword of the Earth), the sword that would slay 1,000 demons in a single blow, and is therefore a sword that would bring Sesshomaru much power, is gifted to Inuyasha, a half-demon who must struggle to learn to use it. Tensusaiga, (the sword of the Heavens) has the power to bring back the dead, or as close as I can call it, to kill the demons that bring the dead to the afterlife, so that the soul can stay in the body and the person be revived. This sword was left to Sesshomaru, and he hates it because it is useless to him, or so he thinks. They constantly struggle for Tetsusaiga, but Inuyasha is the true owner of it.

I think Sesshomaru’s father knew his sons well, even though he only knew the infant Inuyasha. He foresaw a lot of their future, and knew that gifting him the Tensusaiga would help Sesshomaru become, for lack of a better term, more human. He wanted Sesshomaru to care for and protect others, even the weak, much as he did.

Throughout the brothers’ battles, I find it ironic that although Sesshomaru has ample opportunity to do so, he never kills Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is a much stronger demon. He could have killed him and taken the sword by force (although it would never obey him), but he never does. I think deep down inside, Sesshomaru does care for his brother, if only a little, and eventually comes to terms with the hand he is dealt. Because of this pivotal point in the series, which happens during one of the final battles with the enemy, Sesshomaru’s left arm returns to him, wielding a new and more powerful sword, Bakusaiga. It is explained that he always had the power within him to be greater and more powerful than his father (the greatest demon of all time), he just had to get past his shortcomings, the resentment of his brother, and his obsession with Tetsusaiga in order to do so.

Well, now that I’ve chewed your ears off (or eyes, as it may be) about my favorite paranormal bad boy, I just want to wrap things up with my two favorite things about Sesshomaru. 

1. His mokomoko-sama. This is a white, fluffy, long piece of fur that wraps around his shoulder and trails behind him. When he transforms into a full dog-demon, the fur is still attached to his shoulder. It kind of looks like a big, fluffy boa. I wish I had one. Looks comfy. And cute. ^-^

2. At the very end of the last episode in “The Final Act,” Kagome and Inuyasha are together, Kagome looks up and says, “Hi, big brother!” To which, Jakken screams at her for being so insolent to Lord Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, slides a bit of a look to Kagome, but says nothing to her, and tells Jakken, “Silence, or I’ll kill you.” I think it’s kind like an acceptance of his relationship with them, and I think it’s kind of cute. ^-^

So that, is all about my favorite paranormal bad boy, Sesshomaru, from Inuyasha. If you have the chance, check it out sometime (it’s a long series of manga), or you can watch the show on Adult Swim. I’ll take you out with a portrait of my favorite bad boy. ^-^




  1. jennymilch

    Rebecca, just wanted to say hi from the Wheel!

  2. Shadow

    Hi! You know what? I used to watch this show all the time. It was my favorite for a couple of years. I hated it though when they stopped making episodes. Sesshomaru was always my favorite too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for your book!


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