My Favorite Paranormal Heroine

Yesterday I spoke about my favorite paranormal bad boy, Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. Today I’m going to talk about my favorite heroine, Aisling Grey from Katie MacAlister’s multiple series, including the Silver Dragons, Aisling Grey Gaurdian, and the Light Dragons series.

Why do I like Aisling so much? Because her life is never normal. She has so much fun. She has the love of her life wrapped around her finger, and did I mention he’s a dragon? Yeah. Pretty cool.

Aisling’s has been a guardian (keeper of the gates of hell, one who keeps all the baddies in their place), a demon lord, a prince of Abaddon (one of the higher ups of hell) and a dragon’s mate. She’s had quite an adventure, and she still manages to keep a clean house, have time with her gal pals, and keep the green dragons from annihilating the silver dragons. Or Baltic, for that matter, but that’s a different storyline.

For being sweet, sexy, and completely badass, Aisling Grey is my favorite paranormal heroine.


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