Free YA paranormal romanceuntil 8/10/12

Yokai is FREE todayand tomorrow only, so scoop up your copy while you can! This is the last opportunity to score it for free on the KDP Select program.

Sixteen-year-old Kit Maguire has never met her mother, made lasting friendships, or had a permanent home, and she’s always known that she was a little different from others. When Kit and her father move to Kyoto, Japan, her father insists that this time will be better, but Kit is reluctant to give it a try. The kids in Kyoto seem to be the same as everywhere else: judging her for her looks before they get to know her. She figures it’s just one more short stop that she won’t make friends, so why bother?

With the appearance of her thought-to-be-dead mother, Kit yearns to find out more about her mom, their family, and why she has the ability to conjure green fire. When a girl named Yoriko insists on becoming friends and two of the hottest guys in school vie for her attention, things get complicated. Kit learns just who she is and what she’s capable of, but with that knowledge comes the realization that she may never be able to have a relationship with Riku; as their clans are bitter enemies. Kit hopes that their love will bring the clans together and that she’ll get everything she’s ever wanted: family, friends, and a place to call home.

What are people saying about Yokai?

“…it’s hard to find a book that holds my attention. I recently bought Hunger Games, read about 40 pages, and then didn’t pick it up again. I read Twilight a couple years ago and liked it a lot, but I never did quite finish New Moon, and so on. I guess everyone has their own tastes 🙂 Yokai appealed to me right from the first page and kept my attention. I didn’t have to try to like it; I just did. I ended up looking forward to night-time, for when I could rest in bed and pick back up where I left off.” – Molly Snow, author of Beswitched Witch

“Fans of manga will find much to enjoy in “Yokai”, from legends to the paranormal, and the story line never slows down as Yokai is forced to cope with a world that is not of her making. Thumbs up for “Yokai”!” – Paul Swearingen, author of The High School Series

Download your copy today and visit Japan without ever leaving home!




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