Amazon Free Ebook Experiment End of Week 1

So here’s the results of a week’s worth of freedom:

On Amazon, Nashoga (Redstone Series #1) hit as high as #515 on the ranking in the first 24 hours. It has slid and maintained a ranking in the #1200-1500’s. Over 1300 copies have been downloaded. One copy of Blood Moon (Redstone Series #2) has been purchased, as well as 9 copies of Seraphim, which the latter is pretty normal for a week.

Over on, Nashoga rose to approx. #4200 in ranking, albeit slowly. I have no idea how many copies have been downloaded, because distribution through Smashwords only gives the updates on free books about a month behind. So it’ll be some time before I’ll know for sure. I received two more 5-star reviews, although much to my chagrin they are both anonymous–with the exception of “Laura here” in the title of one. For more info on my issues with anonymous reviews, check out one of my earlier posts.

And over on Smashwords, I’ve had absolutely no activity. I guess I jumped the shark on that one. I suppose that the only way to get rankings/sales/downloads is by producing something new over there.

I still have unanswered questions:

How did people find it so fast? The rate of download in the first 24 hours was ridiculous. I hadn’t even done any promotion whatsoever. If anyone knows the answer to this one, please let me know!

Also, I know it’s ranking much higher than usual, and I’m sure it now shows up on other pages as “people who bought this also bought” but it’s not listed in the top 100 or anything. It’s not highly visible. So how do people continue to find it?

At this time, my WIP is a sequel to Amazon, working title Antiquity, but ideas for the third in the Redstone Series keep floating around my head. I’m too lazy or too busy to write them down, so I have to hope that they’ll continue to do so. Nashoga’s voice is so strong, he’s one of my favorite characters to be when writing, so I can’t wait to get back in his head. It’ll just have to wait, as I have a few other works slated ahead of him.

Be back with another update in a week.

Nashoga (Redstone Series #1)


  1. Freedom rocks, right?

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